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How to recognize sepsis

Do you know that the third most common cause of fatalities in the United States is sepsis?

If you didn't, you aren't alone. Sepsis isn't a condition that many people fully understand, despite how common -- and deadly -- it is. Sepsis, which is sometimes called blood poisoning by laypeople, is a body's toxic reaction to some kind of bacterial infection.

Avoid a scaffolding accident with these tips

Scaffolds are essential on many construction sites. They're also incredibly dangerous -- especially when you take into account the fact that falls are one of the leading causes of construction worker deaths.

If you're working a construction job that requires a scaffold, protect yourself from harm with the following safety tips:

How to avoid being a medical malpractice victim

When you have medical issues, you want to be able to trust your medical providers to take care of you. However, it's also important to take care of yourself.

Medical errors happen all the time, so you need to be an active participant in your own health care to keep from becoming a victim. Here are some of the best things you can do to help stop a medical error from affecting your life:

Many wrongful construction deaths come from drivers

It’s no secret that construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs on the market. Any of the slightest signs of weather hazards, equipment malfunction or inexperience can result in a disaster on the site. Even with the increase in safety training and protective gear, there are still hundreds of deaths each year in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are also several occasions where construction workers have more to worry about then their other workers, equipment or the weather. Construction zones in the middle of busy state highways have an immeasurable amount of car accidents every year. Ohio has a frequent problem with these incidents, as it consistently places in the top ten states with the most fatal construction zone accidents.

Lost embryos cause sorrow and lawsuits in Ohio

There's a complicated set of legal questions facing justices in Ohio due to a cryogenic tank failure -- one that happened to be storing 4,000 human eggs and embryos at the time.

The tank was located in the fertility clinic at University Hospital in Cleveland. Many of the eggs belonged to people that hoped to have children in the future -- including women that had stored their eggs away before they submitted to radiation treatments for cancer.

Fetal monitor errors lead to unnecessary surgery

Are too many American women delivering their children via C-section when natural delivery is a viable option? A lot of researchers say that they are.

There's been considerable debate among the scientific and medical communities about why C-section rates jumped for American women about 455 percent in the years between 1965 and 1987 alone. Some speculated that it was the fear of malpractice lawsuits driving doctors to take the supposedly "safer" route of surgery over the less-certain route of a natural delivery. Others blamed advancing maternal ages and a cultural desire for a "convenient," scheduled delivery.

Car accidents and 'dashboard knees'

"Dashboard knee" is a term used to describe what happens when someone's leg crashes into the dashboard of a car during an accident.

In medical terms, it's an injury to the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Victims may also suffer from a broken patella (kneecap). This type of injury can have devastating effects on a victim's mobility and lifestyle.

What causes a missed diagnosis in emergency rooms?

Emergency rooms are on the front lines of patient care. They're where many people turn when they're experiencing strange or frightening symptoms.

Unfortunately, emergency room doctors often make mistakes in their diagnosis. In fact, one study reported that around 65 percent of the medical malpractice claims associated with emergency care were related to that issue. Even worse, 39 percent of the missed diagnoses eventually led to the patient's death.

1 holiday weekend, 3 helmetless deaths

As the middle of the summer approaches, many Ohio residents continue to take advantage of the warm weather by taking their motorcycles or ATVs out for a spin. According to Ohio law, motorcycle riders over the age of 17 do not have to wear a helmet. Some prefer not to as they find it comfortable to let the wind flow through their hair or make an additional purchase.

However, the consequences of not wearing a helmet frequently show up in our state. The weekend of July 6 to 8 saw multiple motor vehicle accidents following our local July 4th celebrations. What makes this weekend stand out in particular is that each day had at least one fatality from a rider not wearing a helmet.

Remove players who receive blows to the head from the game

Usually, when people think about a football player with a head injury, they picture someone who looks dazed and seems a little confused. Maybe his words are slurred or he even seems groggy. In reality, an injured player may appear perfectly fine at first.

According to new research on brain injuries in football players, biochemical markers associated with brain injuries can show up after just one hard knock on the head, although the football player still seems totally normal. The study was developed by focusing on chemical changes that were recently discovered to occur within the brain after an injury.

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