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Don't give the insurance company a recorded statement

You've recently been in an auto accident that wasn't your fault. Shortly after you call to report the accident, a friendly insurance adjustor reaches you by phone and asks you for a statement -- on record. The other driver was cited, and it's clear that you're injured. So, what could possibly go wrong?


Ohio hospital ignored 28 suspicious deaths

A physician in Ohio ordered fatal doses of painkillers 28 times, to 28 different patients. Nobody stopped him. Now the physician has been fired and his license suspended, and a slew of other medical professionals have been removed from patient care while the hospital completes its investigation -- but many people are asking how this ever happened in the first place.

Why didn't someone notice?

Don't underestimate the long-term costs of a catastrophic injury

An accident can leave you with nothing worse than a few bumps and bruises -- or it can cause catastrophic injuries.

What exactly makes an injury "catastrophic" in nature? Catastrophic injuries are the kind from which you never fully recover. To a certain extent, you can heal, but your life won't be the same as it was before you were injured.

Why do people react to similar injuries differently?

Imagine this: You and your co-worker both take a tumble on a loose tile on the office floor near the copier. You both land on your backs pretty hard. Your co-worker takes the rest of the week off, but comes back to work the following Monday morning and goes on like nothing happened. You end up needing physical therapy and have to file for disability because you're now having trouble walking, sitting and standing. Chronic pain has disrupted your entire life.

Why can two people experience drastically different results from nearly identical injuries?

New Ohio bill bans selling and installing unsafe tires

Some major motor vehicle accidents are not the result of reckless driving, but rather negligent maintenance. Car owners need to check their vehicles every now and then to see if there is any deficiency that could lead to a loss of control. If your car fails to perform a specific function and results in someone getting hurt, the court could find you liable for the accident.

However, it could also be the fault of the person who checked or installed the vehicle part that lost function. One of the more frequent vehicle failures that leads to crashes are faulty tires that fall apart while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cars with worn-out tires are three times more likely to get in an accident. Ohio lawmakers have recognized that these types of tires have led to many people getting hurt, so they recently decided to pass a law to decrease the chances of that happening again.

Ice on the road in Ohio leads to accident, injuries

Ice on State Route 26 near Marietta, Ohio, led to a crash that destroyed two vehicles and put four people in the hospital.

No one is entirely sure what caused water to cover the highway near the Broughton Foods plant, but the frigid temperatures in the area quickly turned the water into ice on Dec. 18. Before salt trucks were able to reach the section of the road that posed a danger, a man driving a Ford Ranger had already hit the ice and spun out.

Safety in snowy weather: Tips to drive by

Everybody like a snowy holiday season -- until they have to drive in it. Driving on slick, snowy roads can test any driver's nerves -- and it's even worse in the dark.

Weather-related car accidents claim about 6,000 lives every year, so it's important to review some reminders about what it takes to stay safe when you're behind the wheel. Here are the top things you should keep in mind:

Who is liable for workplace injuries involving electricity?

Numerous industries expose workers to all manner of electrical hazards every day -- and electrical injuries can be among the most catastrophic anyone can face. That's why it's so important to understand who is responsible when an electrical injury happens on the job.

The dangers of electricity to the American workforce

Cleveland clinic doctors accused of causing overdose deaths

Did two different family physicians, operating out of the Cleveland Clinic, contribute to the deaths of three of their patients from opioid overdoses?

Their survivors believe so. As such, they've filed lawsuits against the doctors for malpractice and against the Cleveland Clinic for negligence for its failure to properly watch what its doctors are doing.

Ohio is making it easier to ticket distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents, in Ohio and across the country. The rise of smartphones and car hubs means electronics are pulling drivers’ eyes off the road.

This rise of distracted driving isn’t without consequences. The number of accidents caused by driving while distracted is also climbing. Ohio has taken notice and is making it easier for this dangerous behavior to result in a ticket.

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