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Cold stress: What Ohio workers need to know

Ohio winters can be rough, particularly for people who have to work outdoors. Construction may decline, but it seldom actually stops just because of the cold. Bitterly cold winds can make your job even worse. If you're exposed to cold temperatures long enough, you may end up suffering a "cold stress" injury.

Here are three of the most common cold stress hazards that you may face and what causes them:

What's an affidavit of merit in an Ohio malpractice claim?

No matter how certain you are that what happened in your doctor's office or hospital is malpractice, you have to get something known as an affidavit of merit to file a claim in Ohio. Let's talk a little bit about what this is -- and the pros and cons surrounding it.

What's an affidavit of merit?

Could a final act of generosity destroy a wrongful death claim?

When someone dies unexpectedly, there's a natural human inclination to want that person's life -- and death -- to have meaning. People who have never considered the prospect of donating their body parts, including skin, bones, eyes and internal organs after death are often confronted in their loved one's final moments and asked to make decisions about those very issues.

Well, there's a possibility that your act of generosity could also let the person who caused your loved one's death escape accountability.

New study sheds light on medical malpractice issues

These days, its increasingly common for patients to put their trust in a nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA). NPs and PAs often take up the slack in a medical practice that is overburdened, handling routine office visits and acute care. Patients may not necessarily want to see an NP or PA instead of their regular doctor, but capitulate simply because its the only appointment they can get without waiting for months.

Both NPs and PAs are qualified medical professionals -- to a point. However, they lack the depth of knowledge and training that doctors have -- and that may lead to serious diagnostic mistakes. According to a new study by The Doctors Co., the most common medical malpractice complaints leveled against both NPs and PAs are related to errors in diagnosis.

Wrongful death lawsuit pursued over courthouse shooting

What can you do when your loved one was killed but the police and prosecutors refuse to call it a crime?

You may be able to get justice through a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death claim won't impose criminal penalties on the person who caused your loved one's death, but it may hold them financially accountable.

Anesthesia mistakes are a major risk for surgeries

Anesthesia has been one of the most important developments produced by modern medicine. Not that long ago, people who required intense medical intervention, such as the setting of a broken bone or a life-saving surgery, would have very limited options for pain relief. The result of inadequate pain management could be shock, a condition that can prove fatal without treatment.

Modern anesthesia allows for doctors to perform incredibly delicate and potentially painful procedures without the patient being aware of what happens. It has improved the prognosis for those who must experience surgery or other painful treatments.

2 studies offer new hope for spinal cord injury victims

Two new studies have recently been published that could offer new hope for patients with spinal cord injuries. The information they offer could help patients recover better from their injuries and stay healthier in the long run.

One study focused on people who had recently been diagnosed with a traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) and the effects of animal-assisted therapy. Specifically, researchers in Alabama teamed up with an animal-assisted therapy dog provider to see what effect the dogs would have on the psychological state of patients facing life-altering injuries and a long recovery.

Where should teens drive through before they can drive to school?

Many teenagers in Ohio are driving to their classes for the first time alone this year. It’s a momentous occasion as a parent, but you can’t help but worry now that you or a bus driver are no longer taking your child to school.

However, school won’t be the only place your kid will be driving to this year. They may go to a friend’s place after class, or they might have to drive to a different part of the state for a sport or extracurricular activity, or they could end up with a job in the cities they’ll have to start working after classes.

Avoiding workplace injuries when you're a trucker

Long-distance truckers are in more demand than ever, thanks to the "aging out" of older drivers and consumers who increasingly use online shopping platforms. Trucking can, however, be a dangerous profession -- and not just because of the risk of an accident.

In fact, 50% of the work-related injuries suffered by truckers can be attributed to strains and sprains. A strained back from overexertion or lifting heavy boxes can take months to heal properly. A sprain can occur from a slip and fall or just having a bad grip on an object. Repetitive motion injuries are also a type of strain injury that is common among truckers.

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