Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

The cold weather has broken and another Ohio winter is finally behind us. With the warmer weather, many bikers have taken their motorcycles out of the garage and put them back on the road.

There can be an adjustment period for both the bikers and cars in the spring and early summer. Unfortunately, this period can include severe motorcycle accidents.

To help reduce your chances of an accident while on your bike, remember these safety tips

Drive defensively

Sometimes drivers in cars get distracted and swerve out of their lane. Or they will brake hard for no discernable reason. Occasionally, they will cut you off.

As a biker, it’s important to drive defensively around other automobiles. Keep distance between yourself and others. Assume the cars ahead of you and behind you aren’t paying attention or don’t see you.

Stay alert and know your options in case the truck ahead of you slams on their brakes.

Stay visible

The sad truth is that many car drivers simply do not see motorcyclists. Bikes are smaller in stature and can rest below a driver’s accustomed line of sight.

This can make riding a frustrating or scary experience. To help other drivers notice you, make yourself as visible as possible.

Neon colors are a great start. If you do not own neon-colored riding clothes, you can apply neon safety tape to your jacket or helmet. Reflective vests like those worn by road crews are also good options.

While riding, always keep your headlight on. This can help you stick out from the background in a driver’s mirror.

Have the right gear

Nobody plans to be in a car accident, and no one thinks they’re going to skid out on their bike. Unfortunately, skids happen.

Dressing appropriately can help cut down on the damage suffered if you do take a fall.

Layered leather outerwear can help reduce road rash and scrapes, while high-topped boots and a helmet can protect your feet and head. Comfortable riding gloves can protect your hands and help you ride longer.

With warmer weather finally here in Ohio, many riders are itching to hop on their motorcycles. Keeping these tips in mind can help you stay safe on the roads.

If you have been in an accident, a personal injury attorney experienced in motorcycle cases can explain your options.