Many wrongful construction deaths come from drivers

It’s no secret that construction workers have one of the most dangerous jobs on the market. Any of the slightest signs of weather hazards, equipment malfunction or inexperience can result in a disaster on the site. Even with the increase in safety training and protective gear, there are still hundreds of deaths each year in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are also several occasions where construction workers have more to worry about then their other workers, equipment or the weather. Construction zones in the middle of busy state highways have an immeasurable amount of car accidents every year. Ohio has a frequent problem with these incidents, as it consistently places in the top ten states with the most fatal construction zone accidents.

Spacing and speed problems

The two most frequent causes for construction zone accidents are drivers failing to pay attention to their speed and spacing. Many Ohio drivers are often impatient in these areas with the small spaces and low speed limit and often try to go fast in short spurts to make their time there shorter. It rarely works and instead increases the chances that they’ll run into a car or worker. Their speed could determine the severity of the worker’s injuries.

Spacing is one of the biggest problems because motorists do not know what qualifies as drivable lanes. Last week, a 42-year-old Napoleon construction worker died on US 24 Eastbound due to a Waterville driver trying to change lanes and going too far over, striking the worker as he was placing cones. The construction was not lacking in warning signs about the upcoming slowdowns and was active for nearly two weeks prior to the accident.

Preventing death by knowing what’s ahead

Construction zones can be frustrating and overwhelming for drivers entering in them. Drivers are encouraged to keep up with traffic reports and construction news regarding their favorite highways to plan alternate routes or times to leave to avoid the chaotic areas. Should they find themselves in a construction zone, it is mandatory in Ohio to slow down and provide enough spacing from the other cars and workers on site.

If you suffer from a loved one’s wrongful death due to a construction zone accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation. With how much construction workers already must worry about, Ohio drivers need to avoid negligent driving in these dangerous areas for the sake of the project and the worker’s personal safety.