Ohio is making it easier to ticket distracted drivers

Distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents, in Ohio and across the country. The rise of smartphones and car hubs means electronics are pulling drivers’ eyes off the road.

This rise of distracted driving isn’t without consequences. The number of accidents caused by driving while distracted is also climbing. Ohio has taken notice and is making it easier for this dangerous behavior to result in a ticket.

Widening the definition of distracted driving

The new law, which is already in effect, makes distracted driving a secondary offense. Any law enforcement officer who pulls over a driver can add a distracted driving ticket. Drivers could face two citations if their actions were the result of distractions.

The punishments for driving while distracted are either a $100 fine or an online distracted-driving class. The fine is dropped as long as the motorist completes the driving class.

In addition to a secondary offense, the law widens the definition of what distracted driving is. Now any actions that aren’t necessary to driving can be considered distractions. This involves things like eating, tuning the radio or putting on makeup.

The impact of inattentive driving

Since 2013, Ohio has seen over 64,000 crashes caused by distracted driving. This has resulted in an estimated 22,000 serious injuries and 189 deaths.

These statistics show that it’s not just an annoying behavior, but an incredibly dangerous one. Ohio drivers feel the impact of distracted driving daily.

Getting life back on track

Injuries from an auto accident can have consequences long after the event. A distracted driver can permanently affect your life.

If you’ve been injured in an accident involving a distracted driver, seek legal help. An injury attorney can make sure their actions have consequences, and that you are treated fairly.