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Northern Ohio could see increase in drug-related car crashes

The northern states may not get as much total crashes as some of the southern ones, but they do have a high percentage of repeat offenders. Ohio is no exception, as the insurance comparison website Insurify recently ranked the Buckeye State as having the third highest rate of repeat driving offenders.

They noted that a large portion of the northern states had dangerously high levels of repeat DUI offenders, with Wisconsin and North Dakota having some of the highest amounts. Unfortunately, a recent controversial law passed in Michigan may mean that some of the numbers won’t be going down any time soon. Residents in Ohio should remain cautious for the potential increase in intoxicated drivers in the near future.

Border problems

Back in 2018, Michigan became one of the first Midwest states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Since then, the states that border Michigan are continuing to prepare for the effect this will bring on them.

Medicinal marijuana is legal in Ohio, but having a state with legal recreational usage means that residents may take a quick road trip to take advantage of their neighbor state or we could be seeing more Michigan drivers coming through with their weed. What makes matters worse is that studies last year indicate that states that have legalized recreational marijuana in the past such as Colorado saw a dramatic increase in car crashes in the following years after their legalization.

Where and when to watch out

Northern cities that are closer to Michigan’s borders are likely where you would find some of these negligent motorists in Ohio. Just like with drunk drivers, they often go out at night time and are especially dangerous in areas with minimal lighting and warning signs. Pay attention to see if the driver has any erratic movement or difficulty staying forward.

While the state’s police have likely prepared for the larger amount of intoxicated drivers bound to come into Ohio, they won’t stop everyone. If you took the necessary precautions and still ended up the victim of a major car crash as a result of someone’s drug misuse, consider contacting a personal injury attorney to help you in the recovery process.