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Look out for these 3 workplace injuries

The workplace can be hazardous to your health — but have you ever wondered what you should fear the most?

While each different kind of workplace has its own unique hazards, workers’ compensation claims reveal the three most common on-the-job hazards today’s employees face:


This is the top reason for workplace injuries and the most expensive for both employees and their employers in terms of lost work days and workers’ comp payments. Injuries related to exertion include back strain, shoulder strain and arm injuries from lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying and throwing items, especially when they’re heavy or the action is repeated over and over.

Slips and trips

Second on the list of accidental dangers lurking around for the unwary worker are slip-and-fall injuries or injuries related to trips. You could catch your heel on a loose piece of carpet, fall over a tool that’s been carelessly left on the floor or slip on spilled fluids. When employers enforce a culture of safety and employees remember to stay on their guard, those kinds of accidents are far less likely to happen.

Falling from a height

Fall from elevated spots on top of scaffolds, ladders, roofs and stairwells account for the third-most common type of injury in the workplace. Often, these types of accidents can be traced back to the improper use (or utter lack) of personal safety equipment designed to protect against falls. These can be some of the most catastrophic injuries workers can experience, leading to spinal trauma and traumatic brain injuries.

When you’ve suffered a serious accident on the job, you need an experienced attorney’s assistance to make certain that your workers’ compensation claim goes forward without trouble. Please explore our site for more information.