Winter weather ices Columbus bridges and roads

Recently, WCMH media outlet reported that an early morning accident closed a local bridge to traffic.

On Sunday, Nov. 24, shortly before 6 a.m., a four-vehicle chain-reaction collision occurred on the Roberts Road bridge that fortunately injured no one.

Two of the vehicles involved in the accident were a Columbus Police Department cruiser and an ambulance. The first responders and police were en route to a single-car wreck that happened on the bridge spanning I-270.

Vehicle slid into police car

While officers and medics were tending to the driver of the initial accident, another motorist approached and lost control on the ice-covered bridge.

The drivers slammed into the police car, initiating the chain-reaction. The squad car was then propelled into the ambulance.

Roads closed due to wreck, ice

Following the crash, officials shut down Roberts Road and Interstates 70 and 270 until the Ohio Department of Transportation could salt the roads.

Wintry conditions pose hazards

Those involved in the aforementioned collision were quite lucky to escape without injuries. Last year, there were 1,068 individuals who lost their lives on Ohio roads in a total of 996 accidents. This is a decrease from the 1,179 traffic fatalities in the 1,094 deadly wrecks that occurred in 2017.

States can be liable for some wrecks

One reason why it is often advantageous for those who suffer injuries in car accidents — and the survivors of those who lose their lives on Ohio roads — to retain an attorney after the accident is that there may be more than one liable defendant to name.

This is especially true in multi-vehicle crashes like the one noted above. Although shared liability is not apparent in that collision, if the city or state failed to properly de-ice the roads and bridges and motorists wind up injured or killed as a result, those entities may be liable for some or all of the damages that ensue.

Multi-vehicle collisions are complex

It can be difficult to piece together the sequence of events after multiple cars collide. Also, witness accounts can be notoriously subjective and often conflicting. An experienced Ohio personal injury and wrongful death attorney can assess the situation and assign blame to the liable parties.