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Speeding leads to other dangerous driving behaviors

Speeding is, in and of itself, a dangerous driving behavior. It makes it so that drivers have less time to react to hazards and it vastly increases the force in an accident. This means that a speeding driver can suffer or cause far worse injuries, and they may also be more likely to get into that accident in the first place.

This is why people often say that speeding isn’t worth it. Getting somewhere a little sooner than you would have just doesn’t seem like it pays off when looking at the accident risks. And that’s not even considering speeding tickets and other such ramifications.

Other Risks From Speeding

One thing that really exposes the risk of speeding, though, is how it can lead to other very serious driving behaviors. These are also dangerous and just compound the issue.

Mental Distractions

First off, speeding can become a mental distraction. You start thinking about the speed limit, the time, the amount of time you’re saving, if there are any police cars around and much more. You stop thinking about driving safely.

Unsafe Merging

Speeding also leads to quick lane changes and unsafe merging tactics. When you’re driving faster than all of the traffic around you, that means you must switch lanes to keep traveling at that speed. One small mistake — like accidentally merging into an open lane with slow traffic ahead — can cause a crash.

Running Red Lights

A speeding driver may also be more likely to run a red light. Sometimes this happens because, at higher speeds, he or she does not see the light in time. Often, though, it happens because a driver doesn’t want to stop and attempts to run a yellow light, only to go through a split second too late.

Road Rage

Finally, speeding can cause road rage. Inevitably, the driver is going to become “stuck” behind a driver who is not speeding. They’ll suddenly feel angry and aggressive as if that driver is going so slowly to intentionally slow them down. They may start tailgating, honking the horn or considering an unsafe pass.

The roads are not set up for speeding drivers. Therefore, they view things like traffic lights and other cars as obstacles that they need to overcome. This is a risky mindset that can lead to some significant driving mistakes and that may cause a crash.

After an accident

Adhering to the speed limit can make you a safer driver. Unfortunately, you still have to share the road with dangerous drivers who speed, make unsafe lane changes, tailgate and run red lights. If you get injured in an accident that one of them causes, make sure you are well aware of the legal options you have.