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What causes the four most common types of car accidents

Perhaps you lost a loved one to a negligent driver in Ohio and are thinking to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Before anything, though, one must know just how the other side was negligent; otherwise, it can be hard to argue a case. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says these are the four most common types of car accidents:

• Front-impact collisions
• Side-impact crashes
• Rear-end collisions
• Parking lot accidents

These can be caused in a number of different ways. We will summarize what the IIHS has to say about them.

Front- and Side-Impact Crashes

Front-impact crashes usually occur when drivers travel excessively fast on wet or snowy roads and lose control. They may also become distracted by, say, their phone and drift into oncoming traffic.

Side-impact crashes can be divided into sideswipes and T-bones. Drivers may sideswipe someone by failing to check their blind spot, and they may T-bone someone by running a red light.

Unsafe Actions in Heavy Traffic

In heavy traffic, drivers can become impatient and speed or tailgate. These are two negligent actions that can factor into a rear-end collision.

Unsafe Actions in Parking Lots

Parking lot collisions can lead to serious injury or death for pedestrians. They often arise because drivers do not look around them or rely too much on rear-view cameras, which sometimes present a distorted image.

What to Consider After a Crash

Before filing a lawsuit, you might consider consulting with a lawyer who focuses on cases involving motor vehicle collisions, especially those that end in catastrophic injuries or death. By having a lawyer personally attend to your case, you may learn how it holds up under Ohio’s negligence laws and how much you might be eligible for in compensatory damages. Successful lawsuits may cover funeral and burial expenses, loss of support, pre-death medical bills and more.