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Why rural roads can be deadlier than city streets

Although Ohio drivers may have more traffic to deal with on urban streets and highways, they may actually be at a higher risk for an accident on rural roads. Part of the reason has to do with the mistaken notion that rural roads are safer.

There is a false sense of security that many have while driving on rural highways, and this can cause motorists to be careless behind the wheel. Some will neglect their seatbelt, for instance, or travel down the middle of a two-lane road. Others, assuming that law enforcement is sparse in rural areas, will exceed the speed limit.

Yet rural roads are often narrower, which can lead to closer proximity to vehicles in the oncoming lane. Narrower roads increase the risk of a head-on collision. Roads can also be poorly lit, which can obscure potential dangers. Streetlights are rare, so night driving becomes hazardous. Animals roam the countryside, too, and they can startle inattentive drivers. In addition, crash victims in rural areas may not receive immediate medical attention.

It pays to be extra cautious in rural areas. Drivers should recall their defensive driving tactics and employ them on unfamiliar roads. Above all, they should not assume that other drivers are looking out for their safety.

Unfortunately, there are still many motor vehicle accidents resulting in serious injuries that occur on rural highways. It is of the utmost importance to have an experienced attorney investigate the facts of such an accident as soon as possible and protect your right to be compensated for both short-term and long-term injuries.