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Factors that raise the risk for stroke in the young

Stroke is not just a disease that afflicts the elderly. More and more young people in Ohio and across the U.S. are suffering from it, and there are several reasons for this. First of all, the risk factors are the same for both young and old: Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and smoking are the most significant.

As most people know already, obesity is on the rise, and it can contribute to diabetes and hypertension as well, so it’s not surprising that it would be linked to stroke among younger people. The CDC says that 35% of adults aged 20 to 39 are obese. Among adults aged 40 to 59, the percentage is 42%.

Another condition that can lead the way to a stroke is patent foramen ovale. One in four people have this condition, which refers to a hole in the heart that did not close at birth. A clot from the hole could obstruct an artery to the brain.

With more young people smoking e-cigarettes, and with more states allowing for the recreational use of marijuana, stroke cases will naturally rise. Exercises that cause a lot of strain, such as heavy weight lifting, can contribute to ischemic stroke. Women who undergo hormone therapy are more likely to suffer stroke, too.

Unfortunately, since stroke is relatively rare in young people, it can be misdiagnosed. Women, in particular, may be mistakenly thought of as suffering from migraines with aura since some of the symptoms, such as slurred speech and numbness on one side, resemble those of a troke. Under medical malpractice law, those who are injured through an error caused by medical negligence can be compensated for their monetary and non-monetary losses, such as medical expenses and pain and suffering. A lawyer may explain the filing process in detail.