Common causes of large truck crashes

Truck accidents, as many drivers in Ohio have found out first-hand, can be serious and lead to catastrophic injuries. It’s essential, then, to know what factors can lead to a truck crash. Both truckers and passenger vehicle drivers can be behind these crashes.

For example, the leading factor is driver error, but this is very often on the side of passenger vehicle drivers. The error could be speeding, tailgating or driving while drunk, drowsy or distracted by a phone. Truckers, for their part, are encouraged to be defensive drivers and keep a safe distance from all vehicles.

A second factor is poor vehicle maintenance. Truckers have strict maintenance obligations. For example, truckers are supposed to inspect their rig before a shift and then fill out a maintenance report. Failure to do this can cause truck parts to wear down, raising the crash risk. Other crashes are due to defective parts, for which the manufacturer may be responsible.

Bad weather is a fourth common cause of truck accidents as it can lead to hydroplaning and jackknifing. Fifth, cargo is behind many crashes. It may spill out if improperly secured or cause a tip-over if loaders did not follow the industry-specific rules on a shipment’s dimensions.

When trucks or their drivers cause an accident, victims can recover their losses through a claim. A claim against a trucking company involves special laws and regulations and therefore should be handled by an attorney with experience in such cases.