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A rising number of young people diagnosed with colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer is the third deadliest cancer in Ohio and across the U.S., just behind lung and prostate cancer for men and lung and breast cancer for women. A total of 52,547 people died from it in 2017, according to the latest CDC reports, and 53,200 people are expected to die from it in 2020. Of those, 7% are expected to be under the age of 50.

More people under 50 are being diagnosed

Starting in the 1990s, there have been more people under 50 being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. While colorectal cancer patients had a median age of 72 in 1989, that age fell to 66 in 2016. The drop in older people being diagnosed with colorectal cancer can at least be explained by increased screening. Experts cannot say the same for the rise in younger people having the cancer, but they know some of the factors. One is the rise in poor diet, which increases the risk for colon cancer. Some professionals are researching how certain foods and drugs determine what microorganisms live in the colon.

Screening should start at age 45

The American Cancer Society has long recommended colorectal cancer screenings starting at the age of 45. To identify the cancer as soon as possible, doctors should make sure to follow up with their younger patients.

When doctor negligence leads to harm

Sometimes, though, doctors fail to live up to the generally accepted standards of medical care, and this could lead to misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses. Diagnostic errors are one of the leading causes of medical malpractice claims, and perhaps you yourself have grounds for a claim of a similar nature. A lawyer may help with the filing. He or she may have the matter investigated and handle all negotiations for a fair, out-of-court settlement.