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How car crash victims can fracture their femur

The femur is the strongest bone in the body, but a high-impact car crash is enough to fracture it. Such an injury can be life-threatening, as many accident victims in Ohio can attest to, and it can lead to extensive treatments and a lengthy recovery.

Crashes are the top cause of femur fractures

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons reports that car crashes are the leading cause of fractures to the femur, usually knee fractures and femoral shaft fractures. Knee fractures occur at what is called the distal end, which connects to the knee joint, and the shaft refers to the midsection of the femur.

Femoral head and neck fractures, sometimes known as hip fractures, occur most often among the elderly when they fall. Falls are, in fact, the second leading cause of femur fractures. Hip fractures tend not to be complete fractures but rather stress fractures.

Consequences of a femur fracture

These injuries can lead to sometimes fatal complications like deep vein thrombosis or another form of blood clot. Victims may also die from excessive blood loss. If their femur protrudes from the skin, the wound may become infected. Ultimately, doctors may need to perform surgery using metal rods and screws to bring the bone together and straighten it. Victims may need physical therapy and pain medications going forward.

For the innocent victims of a car crash

Motor vehicle accidents resulting in serious injuries can form the basis for a claim. It all depends on which side is most to blame. If you believe you have good grounds for seeking compensation, you may want legal advice and guidance. A lawyer may hire crash investigators to show just how the defendant was negligent and then handle all settlement negotiations.