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Cold stress: What Ohio workers need to know

Ohio winters can be rough, particularly for people who have to work outdoors. Construction may decline, but it seldom actually stops just because of the cold. Bitterly cold winds can make your job even worse. If you're exposed to cold temperatures long enough, you may end up suffering a "cold stress" injury.

Avoiding workplace injuries when you're a trucker

Long-distance truckers are in more demand than ever, thanks to the "aging out" of older drivers and consumers who increasingly use online shopping platforms. Trucking can, however, be a dangerous profession -- and not just because of the risk of an accident.

Why do people react to similar injuries differently?

Imagine this: You and your co-worker both take a tumble on a loose tile on the office floor near the copier. You both land on your backs pretty hard. Your co-worker takes the rest of the week off, but comes back to work the following Monday morning and goes on like nothing happened. You end up needing physical therapy and have to file for disability because you're now having trouble walking, sitting and standing. Chronic pain has disrupted your entire life.

Avoiding 'caught-in' or 'caught-between' construction accidents

It seems hard to believe, but it's actually really easy for a construction worker to get caught on or caught between a piece of heavy machinery. While bystanders might think those large pieces of noisy equipment are hard to ignore, the reality is that human beings can, with enough exposure and practice, start to ignore just about anything.

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