Earning Justice For The Injured 

Earning Justice For The Injured 

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Get Answers To Your Most Pressing Car Accident Questions

When should I contact an auto accident attorney?

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, it is critical to contact an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. In addition to the time limits for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Ohio and other states, there are concerns about timely interviews of witnesses and preserving evidence from a crash scene.

By promptly contacting the Ohio auto accident attorneys at Abramson & O'Connell, LLC, after an accident, you can increase the likelihood for a successful outcome in your case.

Q: What information do I need to get at the scene of the accident?

A: While it is certainly not always possible if you have suffered serious injury, the following information is helpful to record, even if it is done by a witness or passenger:

  • Contact and insurance information from all other drivers involved
  • Make and model of all vehicles involved
  • Date, time and exact location of the accident
  • Contact information of all passengers involved in any of the vehicles
  • Contact information of all witnesses
  • Any statements of fault made by other entities at the scene such as “I was texting and didn’t see you,” or “My brakes just didn’t work.”
  • Weather conditions
  • Roadway conditions
  • Traffic light and road sign conditions
  • Names of police officers and other emergency personnel (and who they work for in the case of a private ambulance company) who were on the scene

Q: Are there things I should not do after a car accident?

A: Until you have discussed your case with an experienced auto accident lawyer, it is advisable to refrain from giving a statement to anyone from an insurance company, including your own.

Q: What do I need to prove in order to be compensated for my injuries?

A: There are essentially three elements that must be proved. First, you must prove that another driver negligently operated a motor vehicle. Second, you must prove that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries. Third, an injured person must prove the amount of damages that was suffered. Factors influencing the amount of compensation you may be eligible for include the severity and extent of your injuries, the effect of the accident on your ability to work and how long it will take you to fully recover.

Q: Will I need to go to court to receive compensation?

A: In most cases, you will not need to go to court. But when necessary, we take cases to court to fight for our clients. Our Columbus, Ohio, auto accident lawyers work vigorously for the rights of our clients especially since catastrophic injury is often involved. Call 614-461-3101, or send an email inquiry.