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Bus Accidents

Boarding a bus as a passenger involves placing a great deal of trust in that bus’s driver. Accordingly, bus drivers have a special duty to passengers to be attentive and careful. Buses fall into the legal category of “common carriers,” a class of individuals or businesses that sell transportation services to the public under a license from the government or a regulatory agency. Common carriers must show the highest degree of care for their passengers’ safety. The “highest degree of care” standard is higher than the typical standard of care that all drivers must follow in order to not be considered negligent. This means that if one is injured while a passenger on a bus, there are special legal rules and standards that apply. Not only are bus drivers held to the “highest degree of care” standard, bus drivers must also show an even greater degree of attention and care for passengers who are elderly, injured, or disabled. When a bus driver knows or should reasonably be able to infer that a passenger falls into one of these categories, they have a duty to offer extra assistance to them.

The carrier is liable for damages that arise from a passenger injury or death that is caused by its or its driver’s negligence. Such an injury might occur because the driver was fatigued, speeding, or improperly trained. If you have been injured in a bus accident caused by the negligence of the carrier, the attorneys at Abramson & O’Connell can help you recover any damages you might be owed.