Earning Justice For The Injured 

Earning Justice For The Injured 

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Get Back On Your Feet After A Pedestrian Accident

On average, more than 100 pedestrians are killed every year in Ohio. Hundreds more suffer severe and disabling injuries. Like bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents usually pit a human body against a vehicle. Therefore, serious injuries such as compound leg and arm fractures often result from a pedestrian accident. Thankfully, legal help is available when you contact the experienced attorneys at Abramson & O'Connell, LLC.

Seeking Full And Fair Compensation For Your Injuries

After a pedestrian accident, the injured person and/or family members very often need help from a variety of professionals, including medical care personnel, social workers and attorneys. When choosing a lawyer to represent you if you have been hit by a car while walking or running somewhere in Ohio, look for an experienced, well-respected law firm. We offer decades of experience recovering compensation for the injured, including:

  • Medical expenses reimbursement
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Monetary acknowledgment of pain and suffering

If your loved one was killed in a pedestrian accident in downtown Columbus or anywhere in Ohio, the law offices of Abramson & O'Connell, LLC, is a valuable resource. We can help you bring a wrongful death claim against whoever caused the accident. If it was a hit-and-run fatality, we can help you find other sources of compensation.

Contact An Attorney At Abramson & O'Connell, LLC, For Advice And Guidance After A Crosswalk Accident

From law offices in Columbus, our lawyers have helped many injured pedestrians and families of the deceased pursue and recover compensation for their losses. Please call us at 614-461-3101 or send an email inquiry for a prompt response.