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Know Your Legal Options After A Serious Truck Accident

We have been representing victims of truck and motor vehicle accidents in Columbus and other cities throughout Ohio for the past 30 years. We know that a truck accident often involves more serious injuries than other motor vehicle cases. Because we are regularly called to represent the victims of catastrophic injury, we have the experience and resources to handle serious truck accident cases.

Truck accident cases can be complex because they involve special laws and regulations that do not apply to other motor vehicle accidents. We put our knowledge of these special laws to work for you so that you can focus your attention on recovering from your injuries.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal is to make sure you receive the personal attention and compensation you deserve and that you are well-cared for before, during and after your case.

Truck accidents often need to be investigated quickly and completely. When a truck negligently collides with a personal use automobile, there are multiple parties who may be liable for your injuries. The liable parties are the people or companies against which you can bring your case for compensation.

In addition to the truck driver, if the driver was employed by a shipping company and working on the company’s behalf at the time of the crash, the employer may be liable. Furthermore, if the truck itself is not owned by the driver or his employer but is instead leased out by a carrier who supplies rigs to shipping companies, that carrier may also be liable, particularly when the truck displays the carrier’s Interstate Commerce Commission identification numbers. A large number of possible liable parties can not only increase the amount of compensation recovered by a victim, but it can also make litigation of these cases very complicated.

We are prepared to protect your legal rights and fight for the compensation you need.

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results

The following settlements and verdicts reflect our experience and commitment to victims of truck and car accident cases:

  • $600,000 Truck Accident Settlement
  • $550,000 Truck Accident Settlement
  • $1.05 Million Car Accident Settlement
  • $975,000 Car Accident Settlement
  • $875,000 Car Accident Settlement
  • $300,000 Car Accident Settlement
  • $250,000 Car Accident Settlement

Contact Us To Learn More

If you have been the victim of a truck accident, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation and to let us know what you need help with. Call 614-461-3101 or send an email inquiry.